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In-Ground Pool Maintenance & Services

pool openings

Pool Openings

Get the season started off right! There is no better way to kick off your swimming pool season than trusting the experts to do the dirty work. We have fully trained and equipped service technicians ready to tackle your swimming pool opening. The needs of our customers range from simply getting the cover off of the pool and starting the filtration system to completely cleaning the pool and balancing the water chemistry. We are able to establish a plan and pricing to suit your individual need. Our service technicians are able to diagnose any issues that may be present and offer any necessary repair options.


Pool Closings

Arguably the most critical aspect of swimming pool ownership is the proper closing of the pool. If done properly it will provide you with years of hassle free use. Done wrong and it can cause extensive damage and a costly repair bill to any or all components of your swimming pool. Daudelin Pool Services provides you with a thorough seasonal closing of your swimming pool giving you peace of mind knowing that you are protected.


Weekly Pool Service Maintenance

Take the guessing game out of your pool maintenance and allow a member of our Daudelin service team to assist! We make operating your pool easy by taking the guessing game out of understanding water chemistry. Our service technicians will test your water and add the correct amount of chemicals each week. This increases the safety of those using the pool, and can problem solve chemical levels due to use and environmental factors to keep them in balance. For those customers that do not have a chlorine generator salt system, adding chlorine between visits will be necessary especially if the pool is used regularly or based on weather conditions. Please check with the office to learn what you might need to do between weekly visits.

Equipment maintenance checks once a week will look at filtration and circulation – two of the most important factors for a clean and safe pool environment along with water chemistry. All sand filters are back-washed during our teams visit, cartridge filters are checked and cleaned when necessary, pumps are analyzed to make sure the right pressure is running through the entire system.

Cleaning out skimmer baskets and pump baskets allow for your pump to remain debris free and allowing for proper circulation. Both are cleaned during our weekly visits. For those homeowners who live around a lot of tree and shrub debris, checking the skimmer and the pump basket are a must between weekly cleanings.

VACATION SERVICE – We do offer vacation services to current customers who will be out of town for several days and will not be able to attend to their pool. Our vacation service covers the same services as a weekly service, and our team will show up once a week to your house to make sure your pool stays in good shape during your absence. Since we add vacation service runs to our weekly service list, please provide more than a two week notice on booking for vacation service.


Pool Leak Detection & Repair

There are many, many areas in which a swimming pool leak can be found. Aside from leaks in the underground plumbing, we frequently find issues arising from holes in swimming pool liners, cracks in skimmer and return fittings, bad gaskets or seals in the filtration system, cracks in the swimming pool structure - just to name a few. Our experience combined with the right tools allows us the ability to locate most swimming pool leaks. We are then able to provide our customers with the available options to repair those issues.

*Subject to availability


Equipment Services

  • Pump Repair and Replacement
  • Filter Service and Replacement
  • Heater Service and Replacement
  • Salt Chlorine Generators
  • Plumbing Repair and Replacement
  • System Automation
  • LED Lighting

Drain & Acid Wash Pool

For a complete list of our renovation services please visit our Renovations Page.

Automatic pool cover_designer handrsail_preview.jpg

Automatic pool cover and designer handrail

LED lights.jpg

LED lights

Hand crafted stone waterfeature with multiple waterfalls and custom slide_preview.jpg

Hand crafted stone water feature with multiple waterfalls and custom slide

auto cover installation on existing swimming pool.jpg

Auto cover installation on existing swimming pool

Hand crafted stone waterfall with custom slide and automated fire features_preview.jpg

Hand crafted stone waterfall with custom slide and automated fire features

gunite renovation add a bench.jpg

Gunite renovation add a bench

Pentasir color vision LED bubblers_preview.jpg

Pentair color vision LED bubblers

Pentair magic falls sheer descent and deck jets_preview.jpg

Pentair magic falls sheer descent & deck jets

Pentair magic falls integrated into raised gunite planter_preview.jpg

Pentair magic falls integrated into raised gunite planter