About Daudelin Pool Services


The Daudelin Pool Team

Honesty, Integrity, Experience - We proudly stand behind these words.

We started in the pool business servicing and and renovating existing in ground swimming pools and in those early days we began to see a shift in the industry. Some companies came and went with the season and other stood the test of time. The companies that found a balance of professionalism and craftsmanship built a rock solid reputation as the premier contractors and for a decade Daudelin Pools has proven to be a premier pool contractor.

A swimming pool is a retreat, a place for social interaction, family fun, entertainment and a daily vacation oasis. People like their pools; however they LOVE pools that are built of sound construction and headache free.

You can trust Daudelin Pools to make your backyard an oasis because we hire the right people, source the best products and provide the professional service to our customers. Our goal is not to be flashy; rather consistent and always working on building our reputation.

We build swimming pools with the intention of forming a lasting relationship with you, the home owner, that will transition into the service side of our business. We want to be your one and only call for future service work every season.

It has been said to us numerous times - don't grow too big too fast. We have honored this by keeping our clients happy first and profits second. Focusing on quality over quantity continues to be a priority in our growth.

Josh & Adam Daudelin