Pool Construction Options

Vinyl Lined Swimming Pools

Vinyl Lined (or simply Liner) pools refers to the interior lining of the swimming pool structure. Made out of chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride, it is simply the waterproof membrane that lines the inside of these swimming pools making them water tight. Liner pools are arguably the most popular method of swimming pool construction in our area largely due to having a smaller installation cost over Gunite/ShotCrete swimming pools.

The vinyl lined swimming pool construction process will typically follow the following steps:

  • Layout of swimming pool
  • Excavation of swimming pool
  • Assembly of the swimming pool’s galvanized steel wall panels
  • Assembly of all bracing on the back side of the wall panels
  • Pouring of concrete ‘collar’ – encasing the swimming pool’s walls and bracing
  • Installation of all underground filtration piping
  • Backfilling of pool walls
  • Electrical bonding and inspection of swimming pool
  • Pouring of concrete patio
  • Application of hand-troweled Vermiculite floor
  • Installation of all filtration equipment
  • Installation of swimming pool liner

What sets Daudelin Pool Services apart is our commitment to building only the highest quality swimming pool possible for our customers. We have gathered our knowledge from repairing the mistakes made by other contractors and created a construction process that will stand the test of time. We will not compromise what we know to be the right thing in order to shave costs. We have every intent of keeping our customers in a lasting service relationship and we understand that this all begins with constructing your swimming pool at the highest level of quality.

Vinyl Liner Pool Shapes Available

Pool Shapes
vinyl liner rectangle.jpg
"L" shaped vinyl liner.jpg
gemini vinyl liner pool.jpg