New Construction FAQs

New In-Ground Swimming Pool Construction Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a slide to my pool?

Absolutely, there’s really no limit to what you can do with a slide in your pool. They can be custom built into a rock feature or stand alone. Our owner will work with you to make sure you have the correct depth and area necessary for safe slide construction. Adding a slide also affects the safety cover and there will additional costs to custom alterations to fit the slide.

One thing to consider, is speaking to your homeowner’s insurance agent prior adding a slide to the contract. Sometimes these are the hardest items to insure on your home. Insurance companies tend to treat slides like trampolines: accidents waiting to happen. You’ll be charged accordingly, so be prepared for that.

Can I add fire features to my pool?

Certainly! For the past several years, fire features have become one of the fastest growing additions to custom backyard swimming pools. The contrast of fire and water is a stunning addition to any nighttime landscape and often become the focal point of your project.

When we talk about fire features, we’re usually talking about two different things: fire bowls and fire pits. Let’s start with the fire pit. You’ve probably seen these custom backyard additions in all kinds of backyards, even in yards without pools! There’s generally a rock bench with pillows that surrounds a built-in fire pit.

The other piece that’s catching some real heat lately is what we call a fire bowl. Fire bowls usually frame the pool, offering a grand viewing experience that will totally take your breath away. They’re usually gas-powered, and oftentimes they can be controlled remotely. How cool is that?! Just push a button and whoosh! You have made fire!

Can I design my own pool?

Yes, you can. This is your backyard, your ideas, your dream, and maybe most importantly, your money. The real question is, how much of the project do you want to design?

Daudelin carries years of experience in the business. If you come in with literally no ideas – other than you want a pool – we can take it from there, give you options, look at custom features, and let you choose what comes closest to what you had in mind.

On the entire other end of the spectrum, we’ve had people come in with specific ideas and exact designs in mind: “I want this plant here, I want this tile, I want this filter set-up. Can you make it happen?” Chances are, we can make that happen. A lot of designers enjoy working with a customer who has strong ideas about their backyard space.

Most of the time, however, you’ll find yourself falling somewhere in between. You know you want a pool, you know the general shape, and you have some custom ideas that you’d like to explore, like a heater or an attached spa or a waterfall feature.

Whatever your level of preparation, the end result will be the same: a stunning backyard centerpiece that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

Can I get the same custom features in a vinyl liner pool as you see in a gunite?

Yes! This is one of the best options when working with our company, our owner can recreate the custom benches, tanning ledges, and seating that are typically seen only in gunite pools. Those customers looking to spend a little less for install like having the same options in the vinyl liner pool. Gunite pools are true works of art, and usually run a bit more in expense. Now, with the endless options of steel framing and the custom liner work from Latham, our owner can provide our vinyl liner customers with what they want and exactly how they want it to look! Read more on pool surfaces

Do you build the pools yourself or do you use sub-contractors?

Short answers are yes and yes. It’s usually a combination of the two. Your project will be built by in-house Daudelin crews and a select few sub-contractors who specialize in certain areas.

High-quality workmanship is vital to the overall success of your project. It’s why so many people choose us to manage the process. To ensure that unmatched quality is present throughout your project, we use only the best companies available. That way we know that your finished product has been built to the highest standards, and it will look great for many years to come.

As a general rule, the balance of workload between in-house crews and trade partners depends on the type of pool you select. For vinyl liner pools all of the work is handled by in-house crews. Gunite pools utilize the best in the field to assist in-house crews on special features and surfaces. So, if it’s important to you, be sure to ask how much work will be performed by sub-contractors.

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