Pool Renovations

we service in-ground residential pools

  • The pool services we provide include: Coping - Liner - Tile - Structural - Surface
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Pool Liner Replacements

We obtain precise measurements of pools of any shape and size: All of our liners are custom-manufactured to fit each individual pool and all are made with North American-made vinyl. Our in-house liner replacement crews have nearly 100 years in cumulative experience. We have proven to excel in all levels of liner replacement – from simple, cut and dry, liner replacements to severe structural repairs to concrete and plumbing repairs. We begin each and every process be sending a highly experienced member of our team for an initial meeting with our clients to visually assess each swimming pool and provide the home-owner with a detailed evaluation of their swimming pool, including the costs involved. Once an agreement is reached we will then obtain precise measurements of each individual swimming pool so that we can have a liner custom manufactured to fit the swimming pool. Extreme caution is then taken in our preparation process to ensure the highest quality liner installation. All of these steps ensure the finest, longest lasting liner replacements available.

Pool Coping Renovation

The coping on your swimming pool is the decorative stone accentuating the top perimeter of the swimming pool wall, and needs periodic replacement to safeguard your pool. We offer several colors and styles of cost-effective fired clay swimming pool coping. In addition to fired clay, we offer several options in natural stone coping including travertine, granite, bluestone, slate, and quartzite.


Pool Surface Renovation

We offer plaster (commonly known as Marcite) coating, epoxy pool coatings, and pebble finishes. For the pebble finishes, we use Pebble-Tec, the industry leader in raised aggregate swimming pool finishes. The interior surface of your swimming pool is THE MOST vital component aside from the structure itself. It compromises 99% of the water-tight seal inside your swimming pool and its integrity must be kept in good working order to avoid larger problems. It is necessary to periodically resurface the swimming pool as a part of its maintenance. We have deliberately chosen to offer very specific methods of interior resurfacing to make sure that our customers are receiving the highest quality product available. We offer Marcite (also known as plaster) pool finishes, Pebble Tec raised aggregate pool finishes, and epoxy pool coatings.


We have extensive experience with large-scope projects including, but not limited to, structural repair and modification, dramatic water features, pergolas, and incorporation of fire features. Because of our experience, we have been referred to clients by many of the smaller local contractors for issues beyond the scope of their expertise. We have also done renovation work for the local sales rep of the largest swimming pool equipment provider in the nation. In 2011 and 2014, we received the Super Service Award from Angie’s List. Our experience in pool services and renovation has made us a leading local swimming pool service and renovation company.