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New In-Ground Swimming Pool Construction

At Daudelin Pool Services, we choose to construct specific types of swimming pools: Vinyl Liner and Gunite.

While we are capable of building other types of pools, we know our customers would not be satisfied with the other products in the long run, due to their inferior quality. We base this view on our experience as renovation specialists: We have torn apart and rebuilt/repaired hundreds of other contractors' work, so we know, in detail, what needs to be done in order to properly construct a long-standing structure. We know what works and what does not. More importantly, we know why. The products we choose to sell with our all-new construction projects are quality materials that have proven to be the best on the market.

We individualize each new project through 3D computer design software. While this process may take longer than the actual construction, it is an important step in order to ensure that our customers' needs are met precisely, since you will be living with the pool for a long time. We are committed to working hand-in-hand with you on order to create your masterpiece.

It is understandable that our customers may compare quotes from other contractors. If you do this, consider the following components of the future construction:

  • Quality of the materials that will be used
  • Craftsmanship
  • Design Expertise
  • Customer Service
  • Experience
  • Warranty

At Daudelin, we stand by our qualities of honesty, integrity, and experience, and it shows in the construction of our final products and in the satisfaction of our customers.